As summary

Place: Santa Maria del Collell, Girona.
Dates: From the 21th to the 27th of July

Price: € 455.90
2nd Brother 5% off accumulable.

Ages: Boys and girls between 8 and 18 years.

Fee's and registrations incloudes

  • insurance
  • 3 cotton T-Shirts 
  • Basketball equipment (reversible shirt and shorts)
  • Stay
  • Maintenance (5 meals a day)
  • Facilities
  • training
  • All leisure activities and excursions
  • Other activities, swimming pool, etc.
  • Apart from basketball, there are all kinds of activities since it is a campus of both initiation and technification. The campers, will have moments to be able to focus more on the Basketball but also to enjoy the slope more lúdica with all the activities that we offer.

You should consider

  • This campus is perfect for both teammates, your own children and even your child's friends.
  • It is aimed at boys and girls of all ages, we take care of forming groups between the different ages and levels of the participants.
  • The high level of the coaches and the experience in the organization and management of campus make that we ensure a great formation for the campers have or not experience in the world of the Basketball.
  • The extraordinary level of leisure activities and the environment in the middle of nature make it the ideal complement to enjoy the summer at 100%.
  • The campers that take their brothers, will have a discount of 5%.