We Are Basketball International Campus not only offers training adapted to the campers but also gives campers the opportunity to enjoy numerous activities related to nature in a privileged environment. The Casa de Colonias also has a large infrastructure of monitors and professionals with a trajectory of 15 years that will supervise the activities together with members of the staff of our campus.


Leisure activities will be conducted in different groups structured according to age. Each activity will be supervised by monitors the company that manages the House of Colonies and by coaches of the Campus itself. Because many activities are carried out in the wild (forests, rivers, mountains, etc.), it is important that campers have adequate footwear and clothing (mountain footwear, waterproof clothing, swimming trunks and hats, towels, flip flops)...


MTB Routes
Orientation routes
Horse riding
Rock climbing
Adventure park or tirolinas
Haunted house
Night gymnastics
3x3 night
Foreign language


We want to promote the learning of English by inserting it in the training sessions. It is possible to say that the basketball is a sport in which the predominant Anglicisms, reason why the use of English takes even more relevance. In addition, we believe that the coexistence between children and adolescents from different geographical points can enrich the campers with regard to the development of non-native languages.

Altres cultures

Other cultures

As with the development of languages ​​such as English, coexistence between different identities and cultures is a cultural enrichment in every sense, as well as becoming a tool to strengthen values ​​such as respect and empathy for other customs.