Who organizes the WAB International Campus?

Under the brand of Pass & go Sports, a project that was born with the purpose of organizing different sporting events and focused mainly on basketball, we have created a network of professionals of trust and highly qualified to start this exciting project, which in the sports area Will be headed by Miki Canet, Balearic coach with a long career behind them.

How did the We Are Basketball International Camp project come about?

In the organizational part of the campus we work together several professionals who are mainly united by one thing: the passion for basketball. Our lives have been intertwined thanks to joint projects related to this wonderful sport and on this occasion we have decided to meet to transmit to the new generations our knowledge and the love that we profess to this game, all in a pleasant environment and in an environment Of brotherhood and friendship. The origin of the project is ultimately our eagerness to use basketball as a bond for different identities and cultures.

Who can register?

All children and adolescents between 8 and 18 years of age without exception, since we will structure the different work groups according to the level of learning that each child requires, from initiation training to sessions aimed at elite players, passing through a level Means of improvement. All of them have We Are Basketball International Camp.

What do I have to do to register for the campus?

In the home page of our website you will find access to the inscription.

What should campers wear?

Bed linen and / or sleeping bag
Basketball shoes and sportswear
Shoes and clothing appropriate for the mountain
Sun protection cream, moisturizer and lip balm
Mosquito guard
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shower gel
Swimming trunks and caps
Flip flops
Towels for shower and pool
Jersey, tracksuit or jacket

How will cases of allergies and diseases be managed?

Each monitor of coexistence will have a database with reports on each camper, but it is important that the boy or girl reminds him. It is important that we also be told how to proceed in case the child in question experiences a crisis.

How will work be structured on the track?

In the mornings we will do an evolutionary work that will go from perfecting the individual technique to its application in decision making or individual tactics. In the afternoon we will emphasize collective tactics or strategy, to end competitions and competitions.

How will the groups be structured?

We have to differentiate the training groups with the coexistence groups. As for training, on the first day we will perform a series of tests to know the level of players and we will create the different groups depending on the age and the potential of each one of them. As far as groups of coexistence, we will conform them taking into account basically the age. Each cohabitation group will have their coexistence monitor as a reference.

Will there be competitions along the Campus?

We believe that the competition is an essential part of this game and therefore we offer several individual and collective competitions throughout the week. The competition reigns Campus, as it could not be otherwise, will be the 5c5 with a league that will be played daily and a final phase to be held the last day of stay in El Collell. In addition, among the wide range of activities to be held in the evening, we will organize the 3x3 night tournament. As for the individual competitions, we will celebrate a 1x1 competition and a shooting competition.

Is the safety of boys and girls guaranteed?

The activities related to basketball will be managed by WAB International Camp's technical staff, all of them with extensive experience in the sector, while leisure activities will be supervised jointly by the staff of the Collell House of Colonies and by the responsabes By We Are Basketball International Camp. All campers are protected by accident insurance both for leisure activities and for specific basketball activities. In this case, we have placed our trust in the company Allianz.

How can family members contact campers?

The use of mobile phones and other technological devices will be restricted during the day. Apart from scheduling schedules so that the children themselves can call their relatives, a telephone number will be available to those close to them so that they can call or write whenever it is a matter of urgency. However, we recommend that you do not interfere with the activities of the campers throughout the day, except for reasons of force majeure.

How can I go to Campus?

The campers have the possibility to make the trips on their own. In the case of the boys and girls who come from the provinces of Lleida, Tarragona or Barcelona, ​​Pass & go Sports will manage a fleet of buses that will leave Lleida and stop in Tarragona first and Barcelona later. This service will be available for both the trip and the return.

At what time will the relatives be able to pick up the boys and the girls?

In the morning of Saturday July 29 will be played the finals of the competitions to be held throughout the week. The relatives can attend on the spot. After the corresponding awards ceremony, we will say goodbye at noon with a small aperitif to which the campers' relatives are invited and in which they can share their concerns with the staff members of the campus.

How can I track the campus?

We will inform of the day-to-day of the first edition in the different profiles that we have in social networks, in Facebook as in Instagram and Twitter. In addition, they can also access our website www.wabinternationalcamp.com or they can request information through the mail info@wabinternationalcamp.com or by phone or by whatsapp in the number 651823395.

How can the tutors of campers know the behavior they have had throughout their stay at El Collell?

Once the experience is over, WAB International Camp managers will produce individual player reports on specific technical, tactical and physical basketball issues, as well as issues that, while closely related to sport, concern more An educational level, such as attitudes and behaviors.