We Are Basketball International Campo was born with the purpose of offering an alternative of leisure, culture, coexistence and sport for children and adolescents with ages between 8 and 18 years. For this we have an unbeatable infrastructure located in a natural and healthy environment. Also, Pass & go Sports has created a network of qualified professionals to cover all fields.


The first edition of WAB International Campo will take place in the town of Santa María del Collell, located between Pla de l'Estany and La Garrotxa, between 23 and 29 July. The campers will enjoy full accommodation, with breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner, and will combine the practice of basketball with different leisure activities.

How to know if this campus is for your children?

Initiation: For boys and girls who have not practiced or practiced little basketball. Start and approach the practice of this sport so that it may be of interest in your place of origin.

Improvement and development: Specialized in analytical training, transfer to match, competition. Physical preparation adapted to basketball, focused on acquiring exercises and habits that help the player throughout the year


El Campus es divideix bàsicament en tres vessants: esport, cultura i natura.

Sports goals We will adapt the level of learning to the characteristics of each camper. Basically, we aim to improve their level of individual technique, individual tactics or decision-making and collective tactics or reading the game.
Cultural goals Learning English is one of the concerns of the Campus. Everything is focused with the use of English, Catalan and Spanish as a vehicular language in such a way that campers are placed within a scenario of social and linguistic immersion that favors their academic and social progression.

In addition, we will try to promote values ​​that we consider paramount as respect, companionship, generosity, commitment, empathy, etc.

Values At the individual level create a culture of effort, participation, will and constancy. Learn to respect the rules.

At a collective level, cooperation and collaboration. Work as a team to achieve a common goal by working the roles. Know how to win and how to lose. Humility and optimism. Analyze and learn from mistakes know how to make constructive criticism. Respect for peers and also adversaries.

Development of creativity.
It favors social relations.
It improves autonomy and personal initiative.


The Collell house is a sports and leisure complex with accommodation for 850 people, several multipurpose rooms, bar and relax area, rural hotel with capacity for 40 people and restaurant. As for the sports facilities, the complex has the following infrastructures:

Three statutory football fields of natural grass
Five soccer fields of 3x3 (speed soccer)
24 basketball courts with artificial lighting and vaporization
An outdoor semi-Olympic pool
Two small outdoor pools
Three tracks of handball
A volleyball court


The Collell is a playful and sporting complex located between the Pla de l'Estany and the Garrotxa in the province of Girona.

As a result of our commitment to our work, the Sports Complex of El Collell, gives us a seal of quality and is part of one of the benchmarks within the sector of the houses of colonies, sports campuses.


Leisure activities will be conducted in different groups structured according to age. Each activity will be supervised by monitors the company that manages the House of Colonies and by coaches of the Campus itself. Because many activities are carried out in the wild (forests, rivers, mountains, etc.), it is important that campers have adequate footwear and clothing (mountain footwear, waterproof clothing, swimming trunks and hats, towels, flip flops)..


MTB Routes
Orientation routes
Horse riding
Rock climbing
Adventure park or tirolinas
Haunted house
Night gymnastics
3x3 night
Foreign language

Foreign Language

We want to promote the learning of English by inserting it in the training sessions. It is possible to say that the basketball is a sport in which the predominant Anglicisms, reason why the use of English takes even more relevance. In addition, we believe that the coexistence between children and adolescents from different geographical points can enrich the campers with regard to the development of non-native languages.

Other cultures

As with the development of languages ​​such as English, coexistence between different identities and cultures is a cultural enrichment in every sense, as well as becoming a tool to strengthen values ​​such as respect and empathy for other customs.